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Turn the Tide on Negativity

No matter how awesome you are, if you get a continual bombardment of negative emotions repeatedly, day after day, then it will take a toll on you. There are consequences to a steady drip of negative emotion. Just wears you out, causes you to get down and out, causes you to slow down, lose interest in the normal activities. A lot of times when people suffer due to stress, lack of sleep, mild depression absent a medical issue, they are really just experiencing a constant reinforcement of negativity.

The answer to improved mood, improved feelings, better diet, more exercise, happier thoughts is often times removing the source of the negative emotion AND/OR finding creative ways to interrupt the flow of negativity with something positive. This could be to get involved with an organization, volunteer somewhere, teach a class or something like that. Get involved in a religious faith, practice meditation. Write a blog! Something, anything to disrupt the constant bad news.

Reading the news, watching situational dramas on some streaming source, scanning social media is probably the worst thing to do. More often than not, those sources will reinforce the negativity and you will just be compounding the effects. Getting into arguments, picking fights, and other contentions are also fodder for just increasing the nasty ecosystem that you have created for yourself.

Careful, the negativity will catch up to you. You must, absolutely must, do something to disrupt it. Probably daily, or maybe even hourly. Take it from me, never take for granted a good mood. Cherish those times and do what you can to disrupt when you are in a bad one.

Guy Reams

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