The 365 Commitment


There is something really powerful about doing something everyday. I have done seven things everyday for 1,327 days in a row. There are few things that I have learned in this process. Here are a few of those things.

Progress is Obtained through Repetition – You may think you gain a lot of improvement by doing something once with a lot of planning and effort. The reality is that you will never make more progress in one or two instances when compared to repeating something everyday for a long period of time.

Your Baseline Increase, and So Does your Progress – When you do something everyday, you raise the stakes on your minimum accomplishment for one day. Prior to having a habit, your baseline might have been nothing or even going backwards. Your bad days might set you back. However, when you do something everyday then you have raised your bad days to “at least I did one thing good.” Add more habits and pretty soon, even your bad days are good progress.

Your Gain Muscle Memory and Pattern Recognition – When you do something everyday, muscle memory kicks in and what used to be hard becomes easy. You recognize patterns that you did not before. You see ways of improving, in a word you become efficient.

You Experience Compounds – When you do something everyday, your experience compounds and you start to benefit from an enhanced ability that you did not have before. Your results compound. You also have a danger of hitting a plateau or becoming complacent. Regardless, everyday will eventually break through that barrier as well. Eventually.

If you want to improve at something, then do it everyday. You will learn that to do something everyday, you require starting small enough so that you will actually do it everyday.

Guy Reams

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