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Soul Searching

I was talking with someone today and the topic of soul searching came up. I contemplated what that meant for a while. I think when people say, soul searching they really mean – figuring out what you want to do when you grow up. Well, I guess I am still trying to figure that out. You see I am not at the level of success that I want to be and probably will never be, so I suppose when I am 97 years old and staring my last days down in the bottom of the barrel, I will be still searching for what I want to do when I grow up! Is anyone ever settled on what they want to do? Is that even possible?

I have met a few mega wealthy people in my life, and after a few discussions, I realized that they too did not quite have this figured out. They were also doing a lot of soul searching. I read an article by a famous hollywood actress, who was also very engaged in self transformation, soul searching. I have heard famous athletes, who have achieved all their dreams and yet still soul searching.

Perhaps the day we stop soul searching is the day we have given up and that is a sad day. So should we stop? Should we stop wondering what is better? What could be? What is around the next corner? No, I do not think so. Question. Wonder. Be Curious. Soul Search until the day you die.

Guy Reams

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