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I have discovered a new form of meditation, I am calling it mediwriting. I have gained a lot of therapeutic benefits from writing this blog, but I stumbled upon something else. It started when I decided to start crafting email that I WANT to send to people, but would not dare. Instead of clicking send, I just leave them in draft form. I have noticed that by the time I get through with an email, I feel better.

I used to craft emails, send them and then a few hours agonize over what I said. So instead of the agony, I would hold the email until the next day. This was really a better place for me and now I just open a notepad type document and start typing. No care about format, no care about content. Just pour out what I am struggling with.

I think this is mediation. Free-form writing. What used to be excruciating now comes as natural as thinking.

Guy Reams

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