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You See What You Aim At

Listening to a talk by Jordan Peterson, he focused on this concept emphatically, you see what you aim at. Rings true to me. When I walk into the garage, and I see something out of place, I think my life is over and my house is in ruin. My wife probably does the same thing with the kitchen counter. There could be a million dollar check from the lottery flashing in neon lights above my office door, but if I am focused on something in front of me, I would completely miss it. The human mind is incredibly good at focusing on what is considered priority and here in lies our benefit and our downfall.

If you do not carefully consider what you aim at, then your mind will pick something and that will become the focus and you will miss it. I was helping my nephew by a truck, he was looking at a Ford Ranger. So I started looking for Ford Ranger’s on the road. Suddenly I could see thousands, it as if suddenly every car on the road is a Ford Ranger. Your mind will see exactly what it is looking for.

Be careful weary traveler because if you are only looking for one particular thing, then you will miss the opportunities staring you right in the face. Worse, you be focused on the entirely wrong thing all together!

Guy Reams

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