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I have this piece of olive wood that I carry with me. I obtained it from a street vendor who was selling some wood carvings. This piece was not for sale, it was given to me. This man taught wood carving to some troubled youth and one of the kids hand rubbed this piece down to a smooth shape that fit the palm of his hand.

The young man had a troubled past, with some undiagnosed autism at a young age. This piece of wood helped calm him and when he graduated from the course gave this piece of wood to his instructor.

That man gave me the piece of wood and now I sit in stressful meetings rubbing this piece of wood as a tension reliever. The young man poured his energy into this little piece of olive wood, and now so do I.

The ask from the old man, was for me to give this piece of wood and its story to the right person at the right time. He said I would know when.

Still seeking!

Guy Reams

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