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The Root of Personal Power

Have you ever met someone that seems to just exude confidence? Seems to radiate off of them as if coming from some deep hidden wellspring. Not the fake, bravado type of confidence but rather the quiet knowing, sheer belief that they can overcome anything? That is a great thing to perceive and when you do, you almost become envious of that.

I have met a few people like that over the years, and they have quietly impressed me. Even more startling is that they are not always the most successful either. Usually they are very confident in what they have chosen to focus on and as a consequence have aspirations beyond just being successful at simple things.

A while ago someone gave me a compliment about how strong they perceived me to be. This came as a bit of a shock because often I view myself as weak and susceptible to emotions, whims, and chaotic thinking. However, this compliment seemed to be sincere, so I analyzed it for a while. Then it hit me.

The root of personal power is the ability to overcome self. That is something that I have struggled to do my whole life, and I daresay that I have gotten better at it. Not completely mastery, but I have certainly improved. If my hypothesis is true, then the more you can gain control over your own self then the greater personal power you obtain!?

I may not be able to tell, but perhaps my focus on personal mastery has gained me some power in other areas of my life. One can only hope.

Guy Reams

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Glenn Jensen
2 years ago

Great stuff Guy – thanks for getting LinkedIn

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