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Blackout @ 4am

3:45am. I get out of the uber, he pulls away and I realize just how dark it is. Really dark. The light of my phone is all I have, as I realize that I left my headlamp at the hotel. I also note that there is no signal on my phone. Oops.

So what do I do?

I run. That is what I do. Run into the pitch black, through the woods along what I think is the trail. It just rained, so I find the puddles easy enough. Splash. Right foot soaked. Splash. Left foot soaked. Now I am completely miserable.

So what do I do?

I run. That is what I do. Switchbacks now. Slipping in the mud, feeling my way along a Ridgeline. I can see shapes. Mountain lions, bears, gnomes and all other creatures ready to pounce out of my imagination and into my way. I do cross the path of a pissed off squirrel, but I keep running. Heart racing. Gusts of breath into the cold night air. Though a stream, duck under a low hanging tree, over the ridge and there it is. First light of dawn. I can see my shoes now. Messed up another new pair of Hokas, drat.

So what do I do? I watch the sunrise, then I run back. Back to cell coverage.

Guy Reams

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Kathy Donnel Meister
Kathy Donnel Meister
2 years ago


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