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Possess Your Soul

There is this concept buried in the New Testament, specifically Luke Chapter 21 if you want to look it up one day. I know, SCARY thought actually cracking open a Bible, or even a book for that matter. There are a lot of amazing things written in books, some of them powerful and inspiring. I made a commitment a long time ago to read something inspiring every day. Anyway, I was thinking about this concept of patience. Why is patience so important? I mean I want all these awesome things and I want them now! What is really wrong with that sentiment – sounds great to me! Anyway, there is this concept in this section of Jesus’ teachings that says something to the effect that “in your patience, possess your soul.”

Never really understood really what the heck that meant. I have heard a few people quote it from time to time, but never really took the time to try to think it through. Until this morning.

You see we all go through trials, hardship, tough times. We have difficulty in life all the time and many times we are very impatient to get through the rough patch and get back on track. We tend to be IMPATIENT when going through hardship. Here is lies the problem. When you are impatient you make desperate decisions, often times dumb decisions, and many times drastic actions that have a negative consequence on our lives. Effectively, if there ever was a time to “lose your soul,” it would be when you are really stressed by a situation in which your not achieving your primary goals and therefore commit acts of desperation that have life altering consequences.

Rather if we choose to be patient during times of stress, then we will make better decisions, more rational decisions and thus actually save our our own soul, or at least actually possess it.

Guy Reams


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1 year ago

🙏 so very true! 🙏

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