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The 6th Looms

So tomorrow is December 6th. It is my own personal declared day of importance. There are some really peculiar sequences of events that have occurred in my life and they always seem to happen on December 6th. So many of them in fact, that I decided to declare it as my own personal goal day. The latest was a few years ago when I set a goal to change some certain things in my life and it was that commitment that ended up in the 365 Commitment, which I have been following now for 1,417 days in a row. Anyway, I will not go through all the events that have occurred in my life at this significant date, but there is enough of them that I have to just consider the fact that December 6th is my own personal day of renewal, recommitment and remembrance.

I looked this day up on one of those websites, nothing spectacular. Unless you consider any of these events: Hugo Chaves got elected on the 6th in 1998, NASA discovered liquid water on Mars in 2006, The Irish rebellion ended in 1921, in 1240 the Mongols invaded Kiev and killed 50,000 people and a slavery was officially abolished in the U.S. with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865. A few people of relative historical importance were born on December 6th, and notably Santa Claus, or Saint Nicolas died on that date in 343. There are many other things that happen on this date as well, sort of interesting to do a deep dive on one particular day. Thomas Edison recorded Mary Had a Little Lamb on this first phonograph machine on December 6th, 1877.

However, nothing is as important to me than December 6th marks a day that has coincided with great change in my life. Perhaps it is because that the constellation Orion rises out of the southeast and you can see the Nebula with your naked eye, or perhaps it is because this week will be the shortest afternoons in the Northern Hemisphere. Meaning that the sunset will be sooner this week then all year. Regardless, cosmic rays or spiritual divination December 6th has become an incredibly important day for me. A religious day. A day for reflection. A day for pondering my goals, figuring out my direction. Looking for something to signify change in my life. I have learned that if it is going to happen, it will probably occur on December 6th.

Guy Reams

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