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The Spirit of Elijah

This morning, before dawn was breaking, I hitched an Uber ride and found myself shivering in a very cold, misty, wet wilderness preserve at the upper end of Stephen’s Creek road in Cupertino, CA.

I started running up a loose gravel road, passing through a herd of deep and into a large field of very old looking blackberry brambles.

Little did I know, that I was running through a part of the old farmland of Elijah Stevens, and early American Pioneer. He was the first recorded settler to ever cross the Sierra Gap into California. You might remember this as “Donner’s Pass.” He raised blackberries by this creek, which now bears his name.

So I ran, and ran, and ran. Beautiful area, majestic in parts, romantic at times, and certainly a place to run and think. So I did, the Spirit of Elijah buoying my soul as I ascended of the misty hills and peaked above the cloud cover to watch the morning sunrise.


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