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Taking Care of the Needs

I toured a facility today in which several members of this community were doing what they loved. Their work was very much a basic craft and they were teaching and and doing various project work doing something with their hands. I spent an hour talking to a blacksmith at his forge. The thing is that once you have a place to live that is comfortable and safe and you have enough food to eat, then what else is there really?

I am sure there are a lot of things you can buy and acquire and all of that, but beyond the needs there is not much left that you really need money for, except for potentially emergencies. After talking with this blacksmith, I really started to realize that he was far more prepared then any natural disaster or other emergency than I was.

I wonder what richness really is, after all. Having a good occupation that is rewarding that you enjoy and food on the table every night. Maybe that is just good enough really. There is a whole lot more that we do that is just extra.


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