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See What Happens Motive

One thing you can do is just see what happens. A perfect example is the act of daily prayer. Most people acknowledge this as a “good thing to do,” but rarely do so. Some scoff at the idea completely yet always wonder what value people find in the practice of prayer.

Side note, humankind has been praying longer than recorded history. It is hard to imagine that humans, no matter what their background and culture would all universally and without exception practice some form of prayer. In fact, now that I think that through, it seems that the person that discards prayer as silly, is actually the more foolish. 25,000+ years of human history may have figured something out, and here the “enlightened” ones of the modern age that seem to have drawn a conclusion in only a decade or two that prayer is meaningless.

So clearly, whether you have a prayer format you adhere to or not, there is profound significance and benefit from prayer, just ask your billions+ ancestors. So having established the tholeoretical possibility that prayer has benefit, you could just try it and see what happens. Not just once, but daily and as part of your course in life.

Some have so much unbelief in something they can’t hope of finding truth in it. However if you just suspend that for a moment and ponder what would happen to you if you did pursue a see what happens attitude with daily prayer routine. It could be that nothing will happen. There you go, no harm just nothing. The other possibility is that your life will begin to transform and then you will really be in a pickle, but a good one. You will now have hope, a spark of faith in the act of prayer. You tried it and there was actually a positive benefit. So now what?

I used daily prayer as the example for this concept of someone trying a see what happens motive. However, you could substitute anything with this concept. What would happen if you drank 2 16 oz of water every morning when you woke up? What would happen if you started running everyday, even if it was only for a minute? What if you wrote your spouse a love note everyday and left it where they could find it?

I could go on and on, but the point is you could just try it and see what happens!?

Guy Reams

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