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Simple Usually Wins

I remember watching this professional BBQ competition. The contestants had all these elaborate ways to make their brisket the juiciest, most tasty, melt in your mouth meat every tasted. They did all sorts of things. Wrapped in foil, wrapped in paper, sprayed with juice, injected with juice. Combinations of smoke wood and also sorts of rubs applied to the meats. There was no end to the ideas, methods, cooking times and positioning of the cook. The competition ended and a blind taste test was done. This old man won, hands down. There was no contest whatsoever. His brisket was awarded the best all around BBQ. During his exit interview they asked him what he used, what rub, what wrap, what smoke wood. Did he baste? Did he spray? What temperature does he cook the meat to? He looked at the interviewed with a very questioning look and then with a smirk said –

I put on some salt and pepper, a chunk of wood on the coals and I close the lid. I do not open the lid again until it is done. That is it. Just leave it alone, that is what I do.

As it turned out, simple won the day. I recently tried some bass fishing with my father and my kids. I got all prepared. I researched all the correct methods, best ways to setup a rig, best line weight, best lures, best casting method. I went and spent a bunch of money on a whole bunch of new stuff. I was ready. Got to the lack and well, epic fail. No fish caught, not a single bite. On our way out, my Dad asked why this other fisherman was successful and we were not. He held up this small little plastic worm and said, I throw this into the shore and slowly real it in. That is it. Done. Simple.

I would venture to say that after all your experience in life, the more you know, the more you have failed and succeeded, the more simple solutions are to life’s complex challenges. That is usually the sum of it. After all is said and done, the most simple thing wins. The self help industry is full of books with long winded outlines and diatribes on formulas and systems for improvement. However, usually the answer would take less than a page to disclose.

Guy Reams

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