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The ART of Relaxation

Relaxation is NOT something that comes easy to us humans. If you are like me, relaxing even when you have the time is really difficult. In fact, I am not sure I even know how. Shutting down, or turning it off and NOT doing something feels wrong to me. It is a very foreign feeling. I have read countless articles on this. I usually get the following general guidelines –

  1. Be careful with tech, do not use it to relax. It is artificially stimulating the same part of your brain that work does. So you are not really relaxing.
  2. Teach your self to just “take a break” instead of “shutting down.” You will accept taking a brief pause more likely then a complete shutdown.
  3. Change your environment, preferably somewhere in nature. Organic surroundings are better for relaxation then inorganic ones.
  4. Mindfulness mediation
  5. Breathing exercises

The most helpful idea, however, has been the notion of practice. Deliberately make a habit out of breaks and pauses. When you are in crisis mode, force yourself to pause and break and give yourself a few moments away from the stress. Train yourself to get out of the stressful environment for a few moments.

Guy Reams

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