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When I was really young, must have been 7 or 8, I heard a talk by Mother Theresa. That message had a surprising resonance with me and ever since that time I have always held people of that caliber to the highest regard. It is sad that we live in a society where there are so few that are celebrated for their devotion to the human family. There are many of those heroes amongst us, and I hope that we will come to a time when we see through a different lens. Not one of divisiveness, derision and despair but rather one of devotion, dedication and determination.

Many a funeral pamphlet, headstone and obituary will have the phrase from an anonymous author says, “a life that touches others goes on forever.”

Today I reflect on my own ambition. What is it really? What do I really seek for? Do I seek for the benefit of my own self? Well if I do, then I have received my reward. Perhaps, just perhaps, I can find in my heart an ambition to help, to heal, and to hold dear those that suffer, those that need peace and those that if I were to just see clearly could lift up to stand once again. This is in my power, it is in most of our power. What shall I do each day to benefit the lives of others and those around me?

This is not an ambition that happens by accident. A life dedicated to serving others requires vigilance, steadfastness to constantly lay aside personal ambition for the care and support of those that need it to the most. The higher ideal. The noble ideal. One for which I am constantly failing. However, should failure dissuade me? Is not one small effort of great worth to those that benefit? Who am I to withhold my talents because I cannot be great? Greatness is not required for service, humility is the only requirement.

Guy Reams

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