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The Seagulls

The seagulls do not care if you are the captain of a Chinese Junk Ship or Nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

The pesky birds do not care if you own a 2021 Galeon 500 with Fly Deck or a 1991 Cruisers Inc “yacht” with high hours.

The really could care less what condition your Bimini top is.

They positively do not really concern themselves with what car you parked at the marina.

They do not care what condition your hair is in, what eyeservice you provide to bird or human.

They do not care what you ate this morning, and certainly do not care if it was a cold or hot breakfast. They tend to care a little about what you do with it afterwards.

They do not pay attention to your bank account balance, although they might concern themselves briefly with any sparkling pennies you leave in your drink holder.

They care about tides, and wind, and the sun, and the weather. They care about friendships, and community as they certainly seem to enjoy talking.

One thing is entirely certain, they do not give one single crap about how important you think you are. Literally.

Seagulls and God have that in common. In that regard they are probably one step closer to godliness then we will ever be.

In our quest for business greatness, we might want to consider, just for a moment, the perspective of a Seagull. A small drop of humility aimed in our direction might do us some good now and then.

Guy Reams

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