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Commit to Routine

In many religious traditions there are ancient orders committed to specific routines. This is for a reason. When you eventually determine activities that are required to improve then you must do them on a regular schedule, consistently over a long period of time. Daily prayer, physical activity, raking the leaves out of the gravel path. All these are done daily, weekly, and seasonally.

Routine is the best way to maintain this and make sure it happens. So what is your routine?

The funny thing is, you actually have one. For good or bad. If you do not like the results you are getting take a close look at your routine. You have one. What is it you are doing like clockwork? Tending the garden every evening before you make dinner? Your garden looks amazing. Eating a sugary snack and washing it down with a siz pack of beer, well your midsection looks amazing I am sure.

Waking up every morning and saying your prayers, then I bet your humility is showing. Sitting down and having a nice conversation with your wife about your day, everyday after work? Your relationship is probably in bloom this spring.

You get what you establish a routine around. Karate experts have Katas. Piano players have recitals. Alcoholics have binges. We all get exactly what we commit to. A routine is the way in which you transform your regularly scheduled day into something miraculous. Something that compounds your progress.

Build a routine. Commit to a routine. Watch you transform.


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