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New SuperPower

I am training my daughter for her first half marathon. She is 12. She is bound and determined to show her friends at school that a 12 year old can run a marathon. So we are going hard corp. We are embracing the suck. So Dad was busy today, so not much time. When I got home, I was heading to my room as fast as I could but there she was. At the top of the stairs, running shoes on, reflector belt in her hands. Staring me down. You ready to to roll….Dad?

So we were out the door. She was tired, but pushing it. Should not of ate that cheesecake at her sister’s birthday party. That is right my other daughter just turned 17. She is already fierce and determined. I have my hands full. Anyway as we were running we came across a very dark path that my daughter labeled as “creepy.”

That is when I revealed to her the new superpower that she inherited by becoming a runner. Runners can run through anything. Creepy dark places, wet places, cold places, hot places, high places and low places. Good news, bad news, good mood, bad mood. Runners run through anything. Superpower. She picked up her pace and ran through that unlit walkway, to find, another mile to go. Head down. Embrace the Suck. Pain Cave.

Guy Reams

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