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God of Minecraft

Perplexing thought hit me yesterday. Trying to play minecraft with my daughter. I was not good at playing video games as a child, and nothing has really changed much.

If you have never experienced Minecraft, there is one thing you will find interesting. You can play in a mincraft world, which is generated completely randomly and can be adjusted to be even more variable with a string of digits called a seed code. This creates a minecraft world divided by a series of biomes. Each biome is constructed with chunk and the basic unit of a chunk is called a block. A block is quite literally that, a square block.

What is really interesting is that there are some areas of this world that get randomly generated with these blocks that are quite beautiful. Cascading water falls, giant arches, caves, flowers, trees, and a blending of magnificent landscapes. A few kids run around attacking zombies or each other, but many use the building blocks of this world to create their own ideas.

The point is that beauty is created by a completely random sequence. In life people will look at something beautiful and use that as an argument for a creator, or God. This random generation in Minecraft demonstrates that beauty can be created with completely random artificial construction. Does that disprove there is a God?

Well, perhaps. However, consider this. The basic construction of a minecraft world requires these blocks that have properties and follow certain rules in the environment. Those rules and properties were created and applied to blocks by programmers, or sentient intelligence.

So that is interesting. The beauty was created by a random act, but the beauty would never be possible without the intelligent design behind the construct.


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