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Same Problems Different Decade

Spent the day moving furniture around the house. It is just something that happens every decade or so, we have a life change that requires moving furniture from room to room for one reason or another. While moving my daughters bed, we found a notebook of mine. In it was a list of things that my wife wanted me to do to get the rooms ready for the daughters to have their own space. This notebook was normally used for me to take notes during business calls at the time. For some reason I musts have needed to jot down my wife’s to do list. I am just going to guess that she was getting irritated with me because of my lack of response and because of that I decided I had better write some things down. I noted today that only about half the things were accomplished! I guess I did not think the list was all that important because the notebook was left behind the bed. Incidentally one of the the to do list items was to setup that bed.

Here I am ten years later, setting up a different bed. Daughter is not 8 years old anymore. The cool pottery barn bunk beds for her and her potential girlfriends sleepovers is not longer fun. Sleeping on the top bunk is just not cool anymore. Now the 17 year old gets a queen bed to herself, which she can decorate and make up to her heart’s content.

Anyway, skimming through the notebook I saw many notes on business meetings that I was having in that particular period of time. I noted that the problems that I was having 10 years ago are basically the same problems that I am having today. What does that mean? Well it could mean that I have not progressed much! Well the problems are the same, they are just at a different scale. I think it means that my problems on a day to day myopic level are just not that important. I let the stupid, trivial things stress me out and worry me all the time when in 10 more years from now I will probably have the same problems then to. So why stress about it?

Guy Reams

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