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Self Cultivation

Well over 3000 years ago, the early Taoists were teaching the way. The way to teach self cultivation. I was contemplating the act of cultivation today. Effectively the preparation of a plot of land to receive crops. Cultivation is a process that must be followed for seeds to have fertile and welcoming land in which to grow bountifully. Nature itself cultivates its own land, through millenia of preparation, decomposition, decay, and degradation of hard and unyielding soils. We speed that process up by removing unforgiving elements, fertilizing essential nutrients and speed up rich soils with composting.

Is the same concept apply to our ownselves? It most assuredly does. We can learn to cultivate our own souls for planting precious seeds of spiritual, mental and physical growth.

The sad thing is, do we every actually spend anytime doing so? We are rush, rush, rush. Maybe it is time to tend to the garden?

Guy Reams

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