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DayDream with Purpose

I have always been a day dreamer. Head in the clouds so to speak. Often got teased about it. I remember on one such day dreaming journey, I actually had a conversation with my much older self. I learned an incredible amount about what was really important to me older self and made he stress of my current day seem trivial by comparison.

A few other day dreams, have left me to make significant decisions to pursue career options, personal quests, and new challenged. Day dreaming, especially with a specific purpose is actually a form of work and can be considered a practical and meaningful way to sort out plans, ideas, and methods for solving complex problems.

This form of day dreaming can also help cure mental ailments like feeling powerless or hopeless. Powerful, purposeful day dreaming can lift you out of your current scenario and lift you on wings of hope for a brighter more autonomous future.

Guy Reams

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