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If you have ever been in business for any length of time, you will have had more than one opportunity to “come up with a name.” A name of a new business, a new product, a new organization, or a new team. This seemingly innocent and trivial concept has slayed more than one person in the vain attempt. The best ones are simple. The best ones represent in a subtle way. Apple.
Powerful brands are so simple, yet represent the origin, represent an idea. The union of people, processes, concepts. HP. Microsoft.
They can be so powerful they become simulacra over time, or simply replace any other work in the language. Chapstick.
The exercise is frustrating. Moments of elation come crashing down quickly. Why are names so important? Why are words so important?
They represent ideas. They are the symbol we trade with in our communication. Creating a new word, phrase or acronym puts humans at their best, the thinking animal that is capable of replicating ideas with symbols.

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