The 365 Commitment

The Way I Was

A piece of paper, folded in half on long side. On the left side label it the Way I Was. On the right label it the Way I Am.

Now here comes the fun part. Actually write out the way you are now on the Way I Was side. All the things wrong about you. All the ways you think. The things dragging you down. Then put the way you want to be on the Way I Am Side.

Go through this with as many things as you can. Every aspect of your life. Write a comparison – the way you were versus the whey you are. This is actually the way you are versus they way you want to be – however – this new way of thinking becomes powerful in the next step.

When you start each day – pick various times when you are going to be doing certain activities. How did the person on the left behave when you first wake up? How am I now acting when I first wake up? Starting a meeting with colleagues – how did I used to start meetings versus now? What did I use to work on versus what I work on now? What was I reading before versus now? Who did I talk to before? Who am I talking to now.

This mentality is how you change who you are. The current you becomes the old and the new you becomes the present.


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