The 365 Commitment

The Power of One

Each day when you wake you probably have many things to get done. Multiple stressors. Multiple problems. Challenges. You may feel excited to take things on, or just not into it at all. You may have feelings of depression, discouragement or just plain fatigue. Happy or sad, a good recipe is to think first of the One. What is the One thing that I can accomplish first, the one thing that you can get done today. The most important thing to accomplish today above all other things. If the day was a complete failure, what is the one thing that if you at least got that done you could chalk the day up as a success. What is the one thing that would move the goal posts just another 10 yards. When you focus on the one, you get things done, everyday. No back sliding. No multiple days of nothing. Just one good step forward, each and everyday.

Once you have built that habit, then you can start to think what is the one goal above all others. Imagine if everyday for 365 days in a row you made one step in the right direction toward an amazing goal. That would be progress.


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