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Signing Off

Today was my last day at my cushy corporate gig. Here was my departing email:

Insight Friends and Colleagues!

As we all close out 2022, I am also closing out my time here at Insight. 2023 will be a fresh start for me and will be on to a new adventure. I am excited about where Insight is going and have definitely been a part of the push for our transformation to a Solutions Integrator. I am confident that Insight is already there and will be the best in the world, soon! Joyce, 2 years…right? I contemplated my part in that journey, but continuously came back to the reality that I have some personal goals that have been pushing for far too long. Time to cut the tie lines that bind me to the shore and set sail into the great unknown!

What a difficult exercise, saying goodbye to such a dynamic and amazing team. I got the 10-year, Insight gift in the mail yesterday. Hard to believe that I sold my company that long ago and decided to see what “corporate america” was all about. Well, I could not have found a better place to learn, grow and get to know so many interesting and talented people.

Combing through the org chart today for the last time, I was flooded with memories of everyone that I have worked with. Some fun challenges, some intense battles, some moments of pure joy as we won a deal or in one case lost one. Still mad about that! I saw names of people that helped me fix a big issue, and many times a bunch of small issues. As I went through the list, I added your name to the BCC field. The organization is big, but not that big. I probably missed a few, but nonetheless, if your name got on this email, it is because as I looked at your name and picture in the org chart, I was reminded of a special moment in time that brought a smile to my face this afternoon.

Today is my last day, so goodbye for now. Keep in touch and have an amazing 2023! May all your targets, goals, and quotas be in the rear-view mirror before July.

Thanks for all your kindness, hard work, and friendship.

When you find yourself at sea, look to the horizon. That distant banner flapping in the wind, may very well be the main sail of my corsair.

Til we meet again

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