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Learning Patience

Is Patience really a virtue?

I think my biggest problem is not being patient enough. “Practicing patience,” is a concept that has been completely foreign to me. As I have learned to keep and maintain habits over an extended period of time, I have seen the results of consistent effort. By putting together a program or course and then following it for a while, you will gain results. However, if you quit too soon, you will not.

We all want success now. We want to change our circumstances, now. We want to fix the problem, now. We want to get the reward, now. This creates a problem. We can certainly create a solution to the problem, but if we do not have enough patience to wait for the solution to work, then we get nothing.

So we start to fix something, then bail out too soon. We change our lives, but do not wait long enough. Consequently we become good at changing, but not good at committing. Patience is a virtue is a trite phrase, having origins from a poem in the 1300s. The concept is repeated in the Christian community often, and you here this phrase frequently in passing by non-religious people as well. Why?

I think we all recognize that having the patience to wait for a reward is a good idea. So why do we fail so well at it? This week I plan to really analyze my own weakness is being patient. What is going on here? Is life so short that I cannot wait to see the results of a positive change in my life? Why am I so impatient!?

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