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Jesus Take the Wheel

Jesus Take the Wheel - A popular song by Carrie Underwood

So this song by Carrie Underwood really bothers me. It is a song about a distraught single mom driving on a highway to get back to her parents. She is in trouble, tired, distraught. At some point she hits black ice and spins out of control. She should have been driving slow and safe while she has her infant in the back of the car, but no, she drives way to fast and out of control. When the car starts to spin, she decides to just throw her hands up in the air and say, “Jesus, take the Wheel.”

I never could understand this sentiment. I know that as a Christian, I am supposed to buy in to this concept that I need to surrender to God. I hear people say this from time to time. I know my life is a wreck right now, and I know have and continue to make bad decisions, but that is ok. I am going to give it all up to Jesus.

This would be really nice, if I could buy into this. I know, some real devout Christians are probably shaking their head at me. There maybe some truth to this. I had a spiritual advisor tell me when I was 21 years old that I had a great knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but had no idea how to apply it. That is probably still true.

However, Jesus or no, this concept is interesting. The idea of surrendering to God, the Fates, or some other entity seems to have some power to it. This week I am planning to figure this out. Spend a lot of time contemplating this idea of “surrender.” See if I like Carrie Underwood by the end of the week. We will see. I like to set impossible objectives for myself.

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