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The Gap Will be Filled

I have noticed recently that if there is a gap in my life it will get filled with something. If I try to ignore this gap, then it will get filled with something and I may not like it. A good example is a drawer I emptied out in the house. I was so proud that I finally emptied a drawer. However, I did not come up with a use for it. Fast forward 3 months, and the junk drawer is filled again. That is the example, but I am talking about my things much deeper than junk drawers.

I am mainly talking about time. If I have time in my life and I choose not to put something meaningful in there, it will get filled by something and it may not be good (or at least productive). The point being, you just simply cannot clear things out of your life. You have to clear and then replace with something better or more meaningful. There is no such thing as a gap that can just exists. Gaps get filled.

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