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Just Walk Out the Door

Consider this concept. If you were to “just walk out the door,” what would give you the most comfort?

I think there are two extremes. There are people that would only feel comfortable with this if they had a detailed plan on what they were planning to get done that day. They knew the steps, the knew where they had to be and when. They were prepared for each encounter and knew exactly when they are going to come back.

The other extreme is feeling the most comfortable plan is not knowing at all what they are going to do. They just walk out the door with no plan whatsoever. They have no requirement, no place to be. They just walk out the door and see what happens. They may have a loose idea of what they would like to achieve, but do not really care much on “how” that is going to happen.

Of these two extremes, I fall into the “just walk out the door” camp. The process of preparing a detailed plan is good work for me, but usually once I have worked on the plan then I am done. Executing the plan is no longer rewarding to me, because I have already come up with it. I am much more effective when I just leave. Just go forth and see what happens. I can come up with the plan, on the fly, so to speak.

The point is that neither of these extremes is wrong. They are just different. Sometimes in life we get advice from people that may subscribe to a completely different view point on this extreme. Important to understand and know that before you try to implement advice that may not fit you at all.

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