The 365 Commitment

Day 134 – The Human Venture

The word ‘venture’ holds a particular appeal, functioning both as a verb and a noun. In each usage, it suggests that an individual or entity is embarking on a journey fraught with significant risks, accompanied by an uncertain view of the potential outcomes. Yet, it’s understood that these outcomes could be immensely rewarding, rendering the risk not just a challenge, but an exhilarating opportunity.

While I frequently encounter the term ‘venture’ within the realm of investments, specifically in the form of venture capital, it’s fascinating to observe the wide array of contexts in which this word can be found. Venture capital indeed epitomizes the financial embodiment of venturing—allocating resources to nascent companies with the hope of substantial returns amidst substantial risks. Yet, the essence of ‘venture’ permeates far beyond the confines of financial investment. It manifests in the daring steps of entrepreneurs launching startups, in the exploratory missions of adventurers charting unknown territories, and in the ambitious projects of scientists pushing the frontiers of knowledge. Each scenario underscores a venture’s core attributes: the courage to face uncertainty, the willingness to embrace risk, and the pursuit of significant rewards. Thus, ‘venture’ embodies a universal principle of stepping into the unknown with the hope of discovering or achieving something remarkable.

The ancient story of Adam and Eve can be seen as an archetype of venture. Cast out from the Garden of Eden, the couple faced the daunting task of navigating an unknown and unforgiving world. The paradise they had known might have been suffused with ease and contentment, yet their expulsion necessitated a monumental leap into uncharted territories to uncover the potential that lay beyond. This narrative teaches us that taking significant risks, embarking on exploration, and indulging curiosity are intrinsic aspects of the human experience. In essence, the concept of ‘venture’ is deeply human, or more precisely, to venture is to embody what it means to be human.

This contemplation naturally progresses to the question of whether it’s feasible for one to truly flourish as a human being without embracing the essence of venture. If we dedicate the majority of our existence to shunning uncertainty and evading risks, do we fully grasp the essence of our humanity? Avoiding risk might offer a semblance of safety, yet it also confines us within a narrow corridor of experience, potentially stifling growth, innovation, and the discovery of our true capacities. The quintessential human journey is punctuated with moments of venture, each step into the unknown serving as a crucible for character development, resilience, and the profound understanding of life’s limitless possibilities. To venture is not just to risk, but to live deeply and purposefully, unlocking the full spectrum of what it means to be human.

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