The 365 Commitment

Day 150 – Run with Friends

The greatest struggles in life are always better when faced alongside friends. Our time on this earth is limited, and it seems to me that since we’re going to spend much of our lives grappling with challenges, we might as well navigate them with people we enjoy being around. Enduring tough times with individuals who bring you down or make you feel miserable hardly seems like a sensible approach. Similarly, attempting to overcome significant obstacles entirely on your own doesn’t seem wise either. In summary, seek out good people—those you like, those you have no problem collaborating with—and embark on the journey together.

I have a passion for backpacking. There’s something about spending a week in the high country, navigating rugged terrain, and simply surviving that thrills me. I’m drawn to long, grueling trails that push your limits daily, leaving you exhausted and bracing for a restless night on a thin foam pad inside a chilly tent. While I could undertake these expeditions solo, I have to ask, why should I? Bringing friends and family along means we can face these challenges together. The trail always feels more manageable, the peaks seem less daunting, and the vistas appear even more magnificent when shared with someone whose company you enjoy.

This perspective is one reason why I can’t fully grasp why some people are reluctant to marry and spend their entire lives with the same person. While I might understand their reasons, right or wrong, the idea of sharing life’s journey with another soul who understands and knows everything you’ve experienced together adds so much more meaning. My grandparents were married for 69 years before my grandfather passed away. They weathered rough patches, celebrated many joyous moments, tackled challenges, and likely had more than one disagreement. Yet, their long-lasting union was a testament to the profound impact of having a partner in this journey we call life. I must mention, my wife is my best friend.

Inviting friends to join your journey can be intimidating. What if you fail? What if you do or say something that damages your relationship? These risks are real, but so is the potential for setbacks. However, true friendship should withstand any temporary challenges. I believe the rewards far outweigh the risks. How many success stories involve not just one individual but a partnership? Your companions today may not be the same ones you have tomorrow. So, why not embrace the opportunity to embark on exciting new adventures together? Enjoy the bonds of friendship by tackling challenging journeys side by side.

In the mountain climb of life, our only direction is up. So, bring a friend along and cherish the journey together.

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