The 365 Commitment

Day 361 – Vision

I think commitment, purpose, dedication, and habit help to keep a foundation in everyday activity that will incrementally improve your life one small step at a time. This has been the most valuable lesson in habit formation for me this last 361 days.

Question is, however, how do you accelerate progress? What if you are not content or happy with slow increments? By the way, even if you are not happy with slow incremental steps – you have to take them anyway. Why? Because of the 1 giant leap forward, 30 small steps backwards that happen in life all the time. Gardening is a great example. You can spend an entire Saturday out in the yard and make a lot of progress in one day. That will pale in comparison to an entire Spring and Summer of your inattentiveness. Do nothing for a while and your garden will be a disaster. Same with life. You cannot make progress by only committing the big days and ignoring the small days.

Having said all that, how do you make major forward progress quickly? It starts with vision. If you have a vision of the future, the way you want to be and you are focused on that each and every day, as you start each day, then you will start to do things that propel you forward. Your quiet moments, your inactive moments will be filled with progress toward your vision. The second is focus. If you have a vision of where you want to go and you are focused on a single course, your progress will be much faster.

Couple this with regular and steady habits and one year later you will be amazing.

Guy Reams (361)
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