The 365 Commitment

Day 362 – Organic Growth

When you are focused on improving through incremental progress you have to recognize the fact that you will be growing organically and not mechanically. If we had predictable lives, with consistent inputs and a steady environment we might be able to consider a more structured improvement process. The reality is that we have to grow the way all life does.

Take the rose bushes outside my window. I have pruned them way back this winter in preparation for the Spring growing season. With consistent sunlight, water and nutrients the root structure will rapidly feed the stems and organic steady growth will occur. If I were to watch them on a micro level it would appear to be an ugly, slow and chaotic process. However, about late summer the entirety of the process will produce beautiful results and the magnitude of the process of each leaf and branch growing outward to capture sun, each flower blooming to attract flying insects will be incredible.

So is our organic growth. We will grow to adapt to our situation, we will grow as strong as the resistance that we experience. We just need to accept that our growth will be organic, and be patient as our consistent habits will produce amazing results after a seaaon.

Guy Reams (362)

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