The 365 Commitment

Day 31 – Working Smart, Not Just Hard

Ice was on all the cars this morning as I headed out on my run.  I enjoyed the cold and the quiet of the morning as I completed my 100 squats.  It seemed like a good start.  But the morning was rushed.  Getting out the door was hard, I was just a few minutes behind schedule.

Then, the cascade of commitments at work along with back to back meetings had me running, skipping breaks and lunch.    I thought I had done a pretty good job juggling everything. Winging it, just making it . . or so I thought.  However,  in trying to do too many things I wound up not doing a couple really important things well as I should have.

I realize as I reflect this evening that I need to take more time in the morning thinking through my priorities for the day.  It’s not necessarily doing more, it’s doing what matters most.  Working smart, not just hard.

I am grateful for the challenges of the day and this lesson I learned.  Tomorrow I’ll adjust and do better.

Ben Wagner (37)

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