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Sweat the Big – 117 Days Left

Focusing this next few days on the benefits that I have been realizing from long term habit formation dedicated to building a consistent focus on my long term aspirations. One of the benefits that I stumbled into on accident is what I call sweating the big stuff. I have noticed that when I am feeling down, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed and full of anxiety I tend to really get focused on the small details. To use an analogy – as I am walking down the path with my head down – I notice all the rocks, debris, uneven road, cracks in the pavement.

I have noticed this last year, that I have been more focused on the big. At first I thought this was because I have been waking each morning writing down what was the most important to me. That has certainly had an impact, but I think the real reason has came from the consistency in good self improving behaviors. As I have taken the time to do the important things for my personal commitments, I have felt better about what I am doing. I feel and understand that I am on the correct path.  I am not second guessing myself. Consequently, to extend the analogy, I have my head up with shoulders back and looking forward and seeing the sunrise. I see the beauty around me and more importantly I can see the big things up a head that I need to focus on.

This is a major benefit of long term habit formation. It will only come, in my not so humble opinion, after a long span of consistent and steady maintenance of productive and life changing habits. You will start to notice that your slumped over spine becomes a little straighter, your dragging disposition in the morning will slowly get replaced by a springing enthusiasm. Your vacant void of mental focus will become a wellspring of motivating thoughts and inspiration. People around you will become more engaged and appreciative of your efforts to help them. Your loved ones will take notice of your self improvement and start to emulate your behavior.

All you have to do is do it. Everyday. So if you need a reason to take a deep breath and swallow that jagged pill of doubt and despair then this is it. There is a life ahead where the big stuff will dominate your every thought. The daily darts will bounce off you, and you will see the giant boulders flying at you well in advance.

God speed and/or may the force be with you today. Either way, get out into the world and keep your commitments!

Guy Reams (396)
365 Alumni
117 Days Left to 1st Marathon

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