The 365 Commitment

Day 47 – Realize Your Potential

There seems to be an implicit ethical requirement that all people understand and experience.  Each of us are bestowed with gifts and talents as human beings.  What are these for? What should we do ?  Think about anyone you know and care about.  When they aren’t living up to what is possible for them, do you not you feel an inherent disappointment and/or concern for them?  We encourage those we know and love to realize what is possible for them, and to utilize their gifts in the world. It seems like a natural and inherent drive.

We feel an obligation in ourselves, an inherent part of being human, a given expectation, to utilize whatever gifts we have, and live up to our potential as best we can. It is an existential reality we all experience, not judgmental per se, just caring and hopeful for each person’s journey in life. The world seems full of possibility, of opportunity; it also seems full of pain and suffering.  We use our will and our ability to perceive to  create things out of the potential we encounter all around us.  We use our will to stave off suffering and pain, and manifest meaning.

The 365 Commitment is a construct, a practice, a game if you will, that helps you succeed in answering the very human and transcendent call to live up to your potential.   It’s an iterative daily process that help you grow the parts of yourself that should live and expand, and burn off parts of you that are no longer helpful to your existential imperative.   The 365 Commitment accelerates the unfolding or blossoming of your particular gifts. It is not easy or without risk.

So, now we see clearly what it is we are up to. Adopt the 365 Commitment for yourself and consciously engage in the worthwhile pursuit of becoming better and realizing what is possible in you by committing to small changes in behavior on a daily basis.  How will your life experience change as you move closer to your own potential?

Ben Wagner 53

Member the 365 Commitment

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