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Heart and Soul

Success requires two final ingredients, heart and soul. They are the final ingredients. Sort of like salt and baking soda. Without it, your effort is bland and flat. With those two ingredients and everything tastes awesome and is all fluffy. You cannot be successful on only heart and soul either. Eating a bunch of salt and baking soda would taste like crap and eventually kill you. You have to have some really important elements, preparation, correct tools all in place then heart and soul will do their work.

Heart and soul, like salt and baking soda are catalyst ingredients. They help create the reaction that makes all your preparation effective. Without it, you could complete a task but it would be listless and not fruitful to you at all. You just simply would not enjoy it. With the joy taken out, it just does not seem that fun anymore and you will eventually quit.

So you must have heart and soul in your effort. You must provide your attention to what you are doing with your whole self, which will ultimately make sure that the time that you are investing is not only effective but worth it. Just doing the time is good, for habit building, but eventually you want the habit to mean something and that requires focus and commitment. If you pour your heart into each activity, and give your soul to the effort you will find the time that you do invest maximized.

This is what it means to live life to its fullest. When you are able to take each moment and live life without distraction and be engaged is the key ingredient to being a whole person, and is probably the one major symptom of a happy person. Getting there requires solid habits, which is what I have been working on, however, you must make the transition to pouring maximum effort into each thing you do.

This is not easy, in fact, down right impossible. However, it is a lifetime objective to be whole minded in this way. I find it comforting to know what I am trying to accomplish, rather then just having a vague notion of what “being happy” really means. When I can invest my time, pouring my heart and soul into what I am focused on then I know with confidence that I will find life more fulfilled.

Guy Reams

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