The 365 Commitment

You always have a choice

When you are doing your best to improve your life, you have certain things that you would like to accomplish in a day. You set out hoping that you can do them, but then one thing leads to another and you find yourself stretched for time, for energy, or even motivation. However, there is a trap that we all fall into during this circumstance. It is the “I just cannot” or the “I just did not” get it done mentality. It is the moment where you give up and surrender to the demands of the day. You accept defeat and then just decide to not accomplish your goals and try again tomorrow, except that usually tomorrow never comes.

The point is that you do have a choice. You do not have to accept the defeat. You could, if you really wanted to, overcome the overwhelmed feeling, the tired feeling, the thought you have just one too many obstacles. You could choose to not accept defeat and just do what you committed to anyway. You could choose to keep the commitment. You could even choose to do half of your commitment, but at least that would be something. You could even choose to do 1/4 of your commitment and that would be infinitely better than choosing nothing. Nothing, or no progress, is exactly what it is. No progress. You can choose to have progress everyday.

Instead of letting despair get you down, choose to make some progress.
Instead of letting yourself drown in a sea of requirements, choose to get something done.
Instead of just giving up, choose to put one more small effort forward.
Instead of saying tomorrow, choose today.

Guy Reams

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