The 365 Commitment

The Agony of Just Do it Anyway

What is a commitment? I can tell you one thing that I know absolutely for sure. A commitment is ultimately defined by your willingness to keep it despite any circumstance, despite any road blocks, and despite the agony. When you make such a commitment, you are saying that I will do it no matter what, no matter how rough it gets, I am going to keep my promise.

So I struggle. You would think that after keeping some commitments for over two years straight that they would become easy for me! They are most of the time, however, there are times when it is tough. When things are stacked up against you, when you just do not feel like doing anything. When giving up would be so much easier. However, a commitment is a commitment and it is one of those things that if you can keep in every circumstance then you will find the greatest benefit.

When you do make it through the struggle, the rough times, you will find even greater heights on the other side. You just got to suck it up and make it through the agony. You will hate every minute of it, and you will not feel productive while doing it. However, have faith it is all part of the process of self improvement.

In the course of the last 742 days I have gone through several cycles where it has just gotten really difficult to keep up the long habits. However, I push through. When I come out the other side, I am stronger and better than before. I have yet learned how to overcome these period of lackluster enthusiasm faster, yet I have learned that they do pass. I have read up on this as well, it seems that this is a recurring concept in the art of finding discipline in any art form. Making it through the times when you really struggle are very key to growing even stronger.

So I am in the midst of the period of agony that I call, Just do it anyway. So, another day down. See what tomorrow brings!

Guy Reams

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