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Cupid and Psyche

Cupid, or actually Eros in Greek Mythology is a story we all know. Well, maybe we do not know it exactly, but we have heard it thousands of times in different formats. Anytime you see a plot unfold where an unlikely sort of person falls in love with a beauty, has a crises and then ends up together in the end to live happily ever after – well then you know the story of Cupid. Does love indeed conquer all?

A brief primer on the story. Cupid, is the son of Venus. The goddess of Love. The Greeks called her Aphrodite, the most beautiful creature to ever exist. Anyway, Cupid fell in love with a girl name Psyche. I will take a pause her in the story. Psyche is another word for soul. It is not lost on me that the son of a goddess fell in love with a soul. There seems to be an intended meaning behind that play on words. However, continuing on. Psyche was very beautiful, in fact so beautiful, that Venus became jealous of her son’s admiration of her beauty. Venus was always looking for ways to mess up this relationship. Even the gods have mother in law issues.

Anyway, Cupid was a little worried that Psyche would not find him that attractive. So they got married, but he would only visit her at night and he made her promise to never look upon him. Psyche’s sisters were just distraught with this concept, so they convinced Psyche to spring a lamp on Cupid one night. She did, Cupid left and did not return. He probably felt shame.

Psyche was love sick and wandered aimlessly for awhile. She searched for Cupid and took her plea to the temple of Venus (mother in law’s quarters, gulp). Venus played with her and gave her a bunch of tasks, ending with the final one which was to carry a box of some mystical beauty from the underworld to Venus. She was not supposed to open the box, but we already know that Psyche has a weakness for curiosity. She looks in the box and is overwhelmed by a deadly slumber (sound like any stories that you have heard, perhaps)?

Cupid, who still loves her, finds her lifeless body. He forgives her and puts slumber back in the box. His mom and the other gods relent and make Psyche a goddess. They live happily ever after.

Just about every love story told borrows from this theme in some way. Notice there is no arrows, and funny little flying babies with wings either. I was thinking about this story today as I contemplated overcoming obstacles. It seems that if you have a big challenge to overcome, you should remember the ones that you love. With them as companions, maybe you really can conquer all!

Guy Reams

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