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Suffering is Required

When you finally just accept that suffering is required for self improvement, then you just get out of the mindset that you are going to find some easy button to get you out of your circumstance. The reality, as cold as it maybe, will set in and you truly understand that there is just a mountain of suck between you and your goal. The only way out is to trudge on through. This is what is meant when we hear the phrase Embrace the Suck.

Suffering is inevitable IF you want to improve. Suffering may happen or may not happen without improvement. You can sit idle for only so long, eventually life will catch up to you and you find yourself in a bad situation. So you might as well embrace the good kind of suffering, the kind that will produce better results for yourself. So instead of waiting to suffer, go ahead and suffer now. Plan your suffering so that you get the results that you are intentionally aiming at.

The second you start to try to avoid suffering is when it just starts going down hill for you. You are looking for an easier way, a short cut, a lighter load. Sorry, does not exist. The only way to improve, with long term consequences is to really suffer. When you are suffering, and it is self induced suffering, you are growing exponentially to the amount of suffering you are willing to endure. The best kind of suffering, the kind that causes you to grow as a person by leaps and bounds, is the kind that you could just quit right now. You could just walk away from the suffering, just quit. However, because you don’t, because you won’t, your self improvement will be dramatic. You will excel far beyond your wildest expectations because you chose to suffer.

So stop trying to resist suffering and embrace it! If it really sucks and you do it anyway, then happy are you! You will conquer that challenge and then you will be onto the next one. Stop stressing about it. Just go ahead and accept the suffering. You will be better for it.

Guy Reams

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