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Find Something Hard

If you are struggling with motivation then consider finding something really hard to try to accomplish. Something so unbelievable, so audacious that you cannot imagine accomplishing it. A ridiculous ambition. Preferably something that will be perceived as so incredibly hard by you that you believe that failure is all but guaranteed.

However, can it be something that would require a total transformation of yourself? Something that if you actually did it, would completely change your life? Can you create a vision of what the moment would be like when you accomplished this amazing feat?

Now, can you see this impossible destination, as if you could see a distant mountain top? How clear is the path to get there? Probably not real clear. It is probably vague and hard to see. However, can you see the direction? Can you see the first few steps? If you can, then you already have what you need.

Complete life transformation only requires a grain of hope that the distant ambition is possible. Then you simply get on the path. Then you must accept how hard the first few steps are going to be and start. It will be hard, the path will have ups and downs, twists and turns, but as long as you stay on the path, that vision will come true.

Would the pain be worth it to achieve the impoasible?

Guy Reams

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