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Separation from God

Call it separation from God, or if you doubt the existence of God then call it the separation from purpose. I think it is the same thing. After all, if we indeed are the products of evolution then it was most likely the identification of divine purpose that created our consciousness and capability for abstract thought. This is a quandary that I could never escape and therefore I unapologetically believe in the existence of a supreme creator and with that accept purpose in my life. So accepting that concept, I then have to reconcile my purpose with that of God’s purpose. I have to realize that when life gets tough and I find myself under unusual strain, that perhaps my purpose has deviated a little too far from the divine. Not that I could ever find myself in complete harmony, but have certainly felt the effects when I am resonating in the right general frequency. I suppose that even the non believer has felt this effect, no? When you get closer to your purpose, your vocari, things just seem to click together and you find the easy parts stay easy and the hard parts are easily defined? Once you achieve this state, you spend your entire life trying to focus back in, like tuning a musical instrument. You just know when it is right. Finding your purpose, and aligning yourself to that purpose then becomes a lifelong quest. Of course, that purpose may shift or change all together, and perhaps it should. As you gain wisdom and strength your ability to influence is much greater than it ways. So they as you might, you may never find that harmony from yesterday, but rather find a new one, and even more precious one. So, no, I really do not want to drive further separation from God in my life. I need to surround myself with activities and influence that helps me get better aligned. So are the thoughts of my mind at 3:00am, running in the freezing cold, embracing the suck. Guy Reams
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