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Blog 258 – Bicycles and Babies

I had a cool dream just before waking this morning.  My wife and I were visiting an old man in a neighborhood that reminds me a bit like where I live now, stand alone houses – not big. A place where people keep their stuff together – yards in order – lots of variation but nothing too fancy, some nice trees.  I can describe it well because all three of us went to the garage and grabbed some bicycles and went for a ride through the neighborhood together.  It was a nice sunny day. As I looked at the different houses I really appreciated being in a community that was nice but not pretentious, safe but not gated, I liked the vibe of “middle class.”  We sorta goofed as we rode bicycles together, enjoying each other, the ride, and the scenery.  I’m not sure who the old man was . . . maybe he was me?  Maybe he was someone else – but I was at ease with him.

Then the dream shifted and  was with a beautiful baby boy, he was probably not quite walking or talking intelligibly  yet, but almost.  He laid on his stomach looking up at me.  His mom was sitting nearby.  I leaned down face to face and cooed and talked with him – carefully watching his reactions and emotions.  He was happy and engaging – directing some baby talk my way.  I was stunned at the beauty of new life .  What a joy it was!  I’m not sure who the baby boy was, maybe it was me? Maybe he was someone else – but I was at ease with him.

I’m sure this juxtaposition from old man to infant has meaning.  My subconscious is saying something to me here, perhaps.  Currently I stand in the middle of life  in between these two states of being.   No longer young, not yet old.  This dream seemed to feature the finding of joy with others – simple connection and mutual admiration.  Simple, but not always easy to find.

Ben Wagner

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