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You Could Just Run

In light of the current struggle in our world, you could just run.


1. Is one of the single best things to improve your health and disease resistance.
2. It dramatically improves your cardiovascular health.
3. It is very low cost, requires minimal equipment and you can do it anywhere.
4. It is a solo activity, social distancing friendly.
5. You can listen to music, books, and podcasts while running.
6. It is done outside, you get a lot of Vitamin D generated while in direct sunlight. That is really good for you.
7. Running improves mental health and reduces depression
8. You need to get outdoors, you cannot stay holed up in side all the time. Running facilities this.
9. It builds physical strength and agility.
10. You will lose weight and feel better about yourself in general.

Did I mention, that you could just run?

Guy Reams

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