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Free Form Writing Therapy

So I have been upping my game when it comes to what I write about. This of course has increased the amount of time it takes. I have to do quite a bit of research to make sure my facts and conclusions are at least thought out. Here is my process, I do this free form writing where I just let it flow out, just putting ideas out as I type them. Then I re-read the writing, move things around, improve transitions, add a few sections perhaps. Then I do research, I like to incorporate things I know about, but may not exactly remember the details. For example, I am writing something today and I needed to remember the name of the river that the city of Cologne was on. I could not believe that I was not able to recall that, but nonetheless that required a bit of googling. So I am writing a blog for another day that will probably take me days to complete.

I have noticed something during this process, the free form writing exercise is incredibly therapeutic. Let me clarify, most of us, including myself abhor writing. I think even some authors hate the process. It can be agonizing, shear mental effort. Organizing and presenting your thoughts in a real concrete way is terribly consuming and quite literally physically exhausting. We will avoid this process of concentrated thinking, sometimes at all costs. I have started and kept many habits during my 824 days of keeping the 365 Commitment, writing a blog everyday was one of the first.

Something magical has happened during the process. The process of developing an idea, rolling it around in my head and then sitting down and writing it out just happens naturally now. I do not even think about it. Sometimes, I will just start writing, and not even realize that I am doing it. During the writing process, I just let the words flow and amazingly enough they make some kind of sense. Well, that is my perspective at least!

As I have just started to write my ideas down, things have sort of worked out in my brain. My thinking has become more structured, I am more self aware of what thoughts are impacting me the most. I now have an outlet to express these troubling concerns in written form. I am now starting to write alot, just to do it. No one will ever see what I am writing, it is just a process of thinking which helps me to focus, articulate and realize

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