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Primal Puppy

So yesterday I was extra sluggish. I whined (inside my head) the entire time I ran yesterday. I clawed my way through five miles of running and it felt like I was dragging my way through a bunch of sludge. My shoulders stooped, my head hung low, my arms lifted with little enthusiasm. A couple of moments, I actually felt my feet scuff the ground. I was letting my self, my inner self, get the better of me. So what do you do when this happens? How should you react?

Now, I could continue the pity party. I could wallow in despair for the most the day and the excuses in my mind of why I should resort to doing nothing would build up. Yes, the negativity would build up enough to where even putting on my shoes the next morning would be considered a overwhelming requirement. Yes, I could do that. In fact, I have done that in the past. However, things are different now. How are they different? Well, that is because I am keenly aware of the primal puppy.

My little whiny wimp of a primal self now knows what happens when this occurs. In fact, this is very important. Critical concept. Your primal self is no different then your unruly puppy dog. If you let it go hog wild, it will. If you let it do what it wants, it will. However, if you provide it with an immediately consequence to an action, then you will get change. This can be positive or negative change, or course. I will not debate whether positive or negative is better. The point is that immediately reinforcement for behavior is required for you to make a lasting change for yourself, or your puppy.

Here is my trick. Yesterday, I whined and complained, and dragged myself around. Moment of weakness, I let the primal puppy mind gain control again. Now this happens, unavoidable. Do not get mad at your primal brain for being a puppy, after all it is just a puppy. They are going to have a little accident now and then, there is nothing you can do about that. It is how you react to that is what is under your control. You can get all crazy, hysterical and beat your primal puppy mind up, but it will do not good. The only thing it will react to is immediate reinforcement. Consequently, the best reaction is what I did this morning (the next day). This morning, instead of running 5, I ran 6. Instead of running slow, I forced myself to do sprints. It sucked.

However, primal puppy had to go back into his cage and whimper as I took over the direction of what I want to become. I am not going to let me defeat myself by becoming despondent and full of despair. When the puppy gets out of control, it is time to go further and faster. Increase the workload, immediately and quickly. That way when my mind decides to back slide again, I will know that if I let it go to far, the next morning is full on sprints, bur-pees and raw oatmeal for breakfast! Hoooah!

Guy Reams

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