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Be Like Wile

Today I decided to be like Wile E. Coyote, Supra Genius. I mean, sure, he failed constantly, but lets look at this for a second. How many of you, after so many repeated failures would continue to try despite all the odds? How many of you would start to question your reality, the existence of God, your purpose in life if you kept trying to catch the roadrunner to no avail? For that matter, how many of us would strap ourselves to a rocket, attach some handlebars for stability and light the fuse!?

Wile is so confident in himself that even when he runs off the cliff, he keeps moving his feet, never looking down. Just keeps running in thin air. Full of confidence up until the last gasping breath. In truth, Wile is so persistent that I daresay that his fan base is far greater than that of the scrawny and annoying roadrunner. You will also notice that when Wile fails, he does not experience any physical pain. He brushes the dust off from that rock falling on his head pretty quickly. What hurts him is the humiliation and dejection from failing to achieve his objective.

We can learn many lessons from Mr. Wile. Over reliance on a vendor (Acme), there are some obvious things that no one can avoid despite all that you do (gravity) and also that you can indeed by way to over obsessed with something. However, above all I have learned from Wile that persistence is not enough, you also need to change your game plan. If you are not getting the same results, then perhaps you need to consider a new approach. You can still have the never stop attitude of the Coyote, but you should consider the fact that changing your strategy maybe in order.

Lastly, Wile often created doors for himself, out of thin air nonetheless. When all else fails, sometimes you just have to create your own opportunities. If nothing is in front of you, create your own!

Guy Reams

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Eden Witters
3 years ago

Love this! Lol

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